While you are here at jimcashion.com, please use the links shown in blue below to view my personal collection of historic photos, news stories and maps of Fayetteville, Lincoln County and Tennessee. The photos are categorized in galleries to make your viewing experience convenient. I hope you enjoy these images from the past.

Old Photos, Maps and Newspaper Articles
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Photo Galleries
The photos in these galleries are orgainized and categorized for easier searching. Click on the images to enter each gallery. Navigation buttons are located at the bottom of each page. There is a slideshow option and and option to view the image at full resolution. Enjoy!

Old Newpaper Articles 
This is an archive of significant stories as published in various newspapers around the country. 

 Maps of Tennessee and Lincoln County 
Warning: Some of the map files are very large and may take a while to load if your connection is slow.  Be patient.

Old City Maps of Fayetteville and Petersburg
The maps below are fire insurance maps from the 19th and 20th centuries. They have a lot of interesting detail about the layout of the towns of Fayetteville and Petersburg along with building footprints and other information about the construction and use of the  buildings at that time. Please refer to the "Map Abbreviations and Legend" page for a list of symbols and abbreviations.

Map Abbreviations and Legend

Fayetteville Maps
1887 1891 1897 1902
1907 1914 1926 1944
Petersburg Maps
1895 1899 1907 1914
1924 1939
Souvenir Booklets
Nashville Chattanooga

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